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As of September, Jill MacKay will call the Fort Collins area her home. She is moving her base of operations out of Pittsburgh, PA and returning to Colorado where she will take up residence in Bellvue.

“I’m just thrilled about it” MacKay said, “I’ve been wanting to return here ever since I left. I think Fort Collins is such a gem of a place, it has such a vibrant community on so many different levels.” MacKay made her home here in the late 70’s and early 80’s when she was just starting out.

Jill is an accomplished artist, designer, author and consultant. Her name is synonymous with innovation, she is known for her genuine enthusiasm, love of nature and boundless spirit. Combined with over 30 years of dedicated creative work experience, Jill is one of the most skilled and sought after designers working in the country today. Jill licenses her jewelry designs to national chain stores, large manufacturers and television retailers under her name brand. Jill is perhaps best known for having been the jewelry designer for the daytime drama The Guiding Light, and for her work on Paramount Studio’s Star Trek: The Next Generation. In addition Jill is an experienced and celebrated teacher and lecturer, who has won numerous national and international awards.

Jill believes in the power of the arts to change lives, help solve social issues, heal hearts and build communities. She is known as an art in education (AIE) specialist and for helping to develop the concept of Community Artist through her work with the National State Art Agencies, National Endowment for the Arts and the Mid Atlantic Arts Agency. She has developed programing for mental health rehabilitation centers, homeless and battered women shelters and community centers. MacKay has won numerous state and national level grant awards and awards for excellence for her work with special populations. Ms. MacKay will tell you that some of her favorite work involved 12 years as Artist in Residence at the Caring Place, a grieving center for children who are dealing with the death of parent or loved one. Where she worked with Fred Rogers and social dignitaries to integrate the arts into the bereavement setting. MacKay is committed to making a difference in the lives of others through creativity.

For further information please contact Jill MacKay directly at www.JillMacKay.com. Let’s help make her feel welcomed to the community.

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