About the Artist

Jill MacKay

Jill MacKay is a well established accomplished designer, author and consultant. Her genuine enthusiasm, combined with over twenty five years creative work experience makes Jill one of the most skilled, diversified and sought after designers working in the creative industries today. Jill is best known for having been the jewelry designer for the daytime drama: The Guiding Light, and for her past work on Paramount Studio’s, Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Jill MacKay brand continues to evolve and charm the jewelry makers and buyers of the industry. MacKay’s jewelry currently sells in over 2000 stores internationally, on television, and online.

MacKay not only starts trends but is also a trend forecaster in the jewelry and crafts industry. Jill consults for leading manufacturers, as well as giving national and international presentations. Inspired by the patterns and forms found in nature, MacKay says her design style is best described as “romantic, organic”. This prolific designer is known for innovation and her ability to create best sellers year after year. Jill lives and works from her studios in Bellvue, Colorado.

Serving others through the arts is an important aspect of Jill's life about which she feels very passionate about. Working as a community artist within special populations (mainly the bereft and mentally ill), Jill does local and national outreach and program development. In the year 2000 the National Endowment for the Arts and the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, choosing from a pool of over 5,000 artists, identified Jill as one of the top 300 artists in our country today who use the arts as a vehicle to help others and aid in the healing of social problems.
Jill's book, Creative Garden Mosaics, in its second printing, published by Lark Books, secures her a place as a respected author. It is sought after not only for its comprehensive technical knowledge but also for its unique approach to strong project design. As a writer, MacKay regularly contributes her designs and educational content to publishers for books and national magazines. MacKay's work has been published in over a dozen books and in over thirty magazines nationwide.
As a fine artist Jill is nationally known for her technical craftsmanship as a sculptor. She works in bronze and large-scale, steel-reinforced cement sculptures that are then covered with exquisite, colorful mosaic. Her permanent large-scale installations reside primarily in private collections. Two large-scale public commissions were installed at the Public Libraries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2004 and 2005.

Jill MacKay is a vital and authentic person, well-established in her work, a designer who displays creativity, passion and commitment in all of her efforts. Be it designing, illustrating, sculpting, or consulting, her work communicates a joy of the creative process. She has been a creative freelancer now for 26 years under the business name of Jill MacKay Enterprises LLC.

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